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Our delicious shortbread, with its exquisite taste and elegant packaging, will impress even the most discerning connoisseur. You can even select a hang-tag message to suit your gift-giving occasion. For your really special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, etc. we can personalize favors just for you. Order today & Enjoy!

1 lb. Special Gift Box (Easter Special!)

Designed to put a smile on one's face and a spring in one's step, this cream-colored gift box with a colorful ribbon makes a wonderful Easter gift. Celebrate Easter with our delicious shortbread in various spring shapes - tulips, bunnies, flowers, and butterflies.


1 lb. Shortbread Gift Bag (Easter Special!)

Celebrate Easter with this bundle of joy - delicious shortbread cookies in various spring shapes. Makes a wonderful Easter gift and helps bring in the spring sooner!


8 oz. Shortbread Gift Bag (Easter Special)

They say one should repeat the assertion "I get joy in living; my life is wonderful" to have a healthy outlook on life. Alternately, you can grab a few of our shortbread cookies in an assortment of spring shapes and be happy!


2 large Chocolate-dipped Bunnies (Easter Special)

A pair of 3" large shortbread "bunnies", dressed in the finest bitter-sweet Callebaut Belgian chocolate, have absolutely the right proportions. The combination of shortbread and chocolate is a must try for any food-lover!


1 lb. Shortbread Gift Bag

1 lb. of delicious shortbread elegantly packaged with bow and hang-tag. It tastes just as good as it looks. Available in several seasonal cookie shapes and hang-tag messages.


1 lb. Shortbread Gift Box

Elegantly packaged gift box with a beautiful tartan bow is designed to make your gift a memorable one.  Contains 1 lb. of mini-shortbread with choice of several shortbread shapes and hang-tag messages.


1 lb. Chocolate Shortbread Gift Box

Our Belgian Callebaut bittersweet chocoloate covered shortbread is as good as shortbread gets! Elegantly packaged in festive colors, this gift box makes an impression like none other.


8 oz. Shortbread Pack

8 oz. of delicious shortbread in elegant packaging with bow and hang-tag.


2 Chocolate Shortbread Hearts (large)

A pair of chocolate-dipped shortbread hearts (3") dipped in absolutely the finest Callebaut Belgian bitter-sweet chocolate; this shortbread is truly the best of both worlds and a must try!


4 oz. Shortbread Pack

4 oz. of delicious shortbread with less guilt content. Also makes a nice small gift or dinner table favor.


Our delicious shortbreads are baked fresh and made only from the finest natural ingredients

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