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We are delighted to share these testimonials and feedback from our customers. We strive to please our customers and will gladly accomodate your special requirements.

If you had an opportunity to taste our Scottish shortbread then we would love to hear from you!


Once again this is very late but thank you so much for the party favors of my husbands 60th birthday. The 6&0's were great and packaged beautifully! I will be celebrating my daughter's 15's in 2015 and will be contacting you again for her party favors as well! Thanks again Sandra!!!

Nanci F.


I have to tell you how I came to 'love' your cookies. My mom's friend Mary (sorry don't know last name) is Scottish and from Southbury CT. We had a holiday get together at mom's and Mary brought little bags of these wonderful bisquits for everyone. Well, that was it....hooked!! They were so delicious, I had to order more for myself. We have a store in Newtown called "UK GOURMET" and I try and get good bisquits there but they don't compare to what you make.

Thanks so much, looking forward to my treats!!

Cheryl M., Newtown, CT

Received wedding favor this weekend of your shortbread cookies. At first ,I said to my husband as we left the reception and saw cookies on table "Ugh, I hate shortbread". Well upon opening them as we went down the escalator and taking a bite, I was hooked, absolutely delicious, unlike the hard shortbread I have been used to on the holidays...Soft,sweet, the best. So here I am ordering over 50.00 worth to fill my face with and maybe share ONE with my husband and grandkids.... Thanks for great product.

Cathy Tozzi (Brooklyn, NY)

I ordered 50 shortbread cookies as favors for my best friend's wedding, let me tell you it was the best favors ever. People love them, she made them with care everything was speech less, even months after the wedding some friends were asking for left overs. I just want to thank you Sandra, keep up the good work. 

Syndie jean-Louis, Spring Valley, NY

They arrived!  Thank you so much!  Honest to goodness, these favors will be the hit of the party ... Thank you again!  I would give you a big hug if you were standing anywhere near me!

Lisa M., Cameron Park, CA

Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to let you know what a hit the graduation cookie favors were.
Thanks for the extras ... Have a great summer.

Colette P., Short Hills, NJ

I received a bag of your shortbread cookies from my neighbor as a Christmas gift. They are absolutely wonderful! I will definitely be ordering some for myself. I have a friend who has celiac's disease, and I will tell her about your gluten-free cookies. Thank you for sharing your baking talents!

Natalie R., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Dear Sandra,
In am writing you to say how incredible your shortbread cookies are.  My husband (Mike) works for New Castle Recycling department and brought some home for me after you left some for the guys.  I guess he figured he could score some bonus points, it worked.  Your cookies are very good and I have to hide them from the kids.
I just wanted to say thank you for "sweetening" his day and mine.
I wish you the happiest of holidays and a fruitful New Year.

Melissa Molnar, Town of New Castle, NY

Dear Sandra,

Again, I would like to tell you that the cookies and containers and everything else made a
big hit at our wedding last Saturday. Everyone wanted to know about them. Some of the
young and old folks were even wearing the tartan ribbon around their ankles!

Just wanted to let you know.

Judy Gordon, Killingworth, CT

Hi again! I can't thank you enough for the beautiful, personalized favors for our Rehearsal Dinner. The party was abuzz with compliments about your fabulous shortbreads. You made our party so easy, and I loved working with you...thanks, again...

Pamela Rediker. Birmingham, AL


Jane Calder, FL

Best shortbread cookies I have ever had!

Barbara Payne, East Calais, VT

Yummy!!!!  We purchased the shortbread hearts at a local fair, and they just melt in your mouth.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!  I will be back for more for sure.

Janine Logue, Westchester County, NY

Hi Sandra,
It was also a pleasure meeting you as well!  The cookies were delicious and none are left.  They are all gone!  Everyone totally enjoyed them!  Thanks so much.  I will order some more soon.

Best Wishes,

Nancy G. (Tarrytown, NY) commenting on our Gluten-free shortbread

Dear Sandy & Nitin,
We wanted to send you both our heartfelt thanks for the amazing job you did on our client’s cookies.  The cookies, as always, are being enjoyed by all (we already received quite a few thank you calls/e-mails) and your follow-up on the mailing was so appreciated.  Also, we received your very kind gift today.  The presentation is beautiful!  It just made us extra specially happy to have sent such a gorgeous gift to our clients.
Thanks again for all your hard work in pulling off this monumental effort.
All our best,
Nadine, Laurie, Linda, Leah, Janet and Tracey

Nadine Mockler
Flexible Resources, Inc.

Nadine Mockler, Principal, Flexible Resources, Inc. (Stamford, CT)

Finally, after ordering your most excellent shortbread several times over the past year, I have gotten round to writing to say "thank you".  Your service is super, the shortbread is superb, and your packaging is brilliant too! I shall be a life-long customer.

Pamela H. (Prairie du Sac, WI)

These cookies are the best I have ever tasted. I bought them in Tarrytown, NY. I saw that they are made with Rice Flour! Are they all rice flour? Or is wheat flour mixed in as well? For those gluten intolerant and cannot have wheat, can these be made with all Rice Flour? They are truly excellent!!!!! My whole family fights over them.

(Sandy's Comments: Our regular shortbread is made with a combination of All purpose (AP) wheat flour and rice flour. In response to requests from our gluten-intolerant fans, we have developed a gluten-free alternative that you can now order from our shortbread catalog. The indications thus far are that they are just as good as our regular shortbread. Some claim that they are even better but we will let you be the judge of that!)

Nancy G. (Tarrytown, NY)

We have enjoyed these shortbread cookies at EVERY family holiday this year! We even had teddy bear shapes as favors at our first grandchild's baptism. They were the hit of the party! These shorbread are deliciously mouth watering, impeccably adorable and simply marvelous!

Carlene B. (Ossining, NY)

Dear Sandra,

Recently a friend who lives in Ossining gave us one of your bags of shortbread cookies. I had many different shortbreads in my life, but none of them compare to the taste of yours. In fact, Nancy and I fought over the little bag like we fight over the tv remote.

Wonderful, delicious shortbread!

Many thanks,

Bob & Nancy B. (Woodstock, NY)

This Thank you may be a bit late but Thanks again for doing my Sami's Christening favors, they were a HUGE hit! Everyone loved your cookies and the way they were presented!

Thanks again Sandra!

Nanci F. (Tarrytown, NY)

Hi!  I am writing to you to let you know that your cookies are absolutely wonderful.  My mom bought them for everyone at Christmas time. (She lives in Ossining)  She bragged about how delicious they are, and she was right!  My husband only had a few because I love them with my hot tea in the morning.  I am from Peekskill NY but now my husband and I live in Fort Rucker Alabama because he is in the military.  I will be ordering some of your cookies for our fellow soldiers in the military.  I know they will enjoy them as much as we all did.  Funny, I would never have thought I would be writing about cookies!!  Thanks for your time and your delicious cookies!

Justine M. (Fort Rucker, AL)

I was fortunate enough to have Sandra bake shortbread cookies as table favors for my wedding.  Her shortbread cookies were a big hit--so much so that our guests preferred her cookies over our wedding cake!  Sandra was extremely accomodating to our needs and was very easy to work with.  Throughout the entire process Sandra was committed to making us happy and she certainly did!  Thank you again Sandra for everything you did for us.

Patty W. (Croton-on-Hudson, NY)

I had the pleasure of being invited to Sandra's beautiful home for afternoon tea along with a couple of girlfriends. We had lovely afternoon sampling all of the goodies the shortbread, the scones, and the little sandwiches.

Sandra is such a sweet loving person and that is the secret to her delicous baking, she loves what she does, her shortbread is unbelievable.

Thanks Sandra

Ella McGuire (White Plains, NY)

Imagine a delicately shaped, crunchy, buttery cookie melting in your mouth. That's what Sandy's shortbread looks, tastes and feels like. But be warned: these little delights are addictive!

Jeanette G. (Ossining, NY)

I have had the pleasure of eating Sandra's delicious short bread on many occasions, and can say without a doubt, it is the best I have ever tasted. I have even lived with a family in Scotland in my youth, and do not remember their family recipe being as good. I tell anyone who will listen, this is without a doubt, the best of the best.

Stephanie L. (Ossining, NY)

Having tried this before, I ordered this delicious shortbread for my mother, who is a proclaimed shortbread junkie. When she tasted it she declared that it is the best she has tasted! It is fresher than anything you can get in any store, and you can taste that no expense is spared in its preparation. We whole heartedly recommend this delicious treat, and will order again and again. It is so nice to know where to find consistent quality. This is the best!!! The down side, I never even got a bite! I need to reorder some for me!!!!

Cheryl W. (Denver, CO)

Hi Sandra,
The party went perfectly...complete with bag piper, and thanks to you, beautiful and delicious shortbread hearts!
Thank you so much, they were delicious!!

Valerie H. (Pleasantville, NY)

Scrumptious and beautiful, but not so pretty that you cannot eat.  I
received a package as a holiday party favor, they made it home but
didn't make it past the next day. 
Thank you for celebrating my heritage.

Amanda-Beth C. (Poughkeepsie, NY)

I am from Scotland and I can assure you that this is the real thing - the best I have ever tasted!

Genna S. (Stonehaven, Scotland)